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The partner network ensures the existence of tangible results, such as:

    the strengthening of cultural and creative industries,
in-depth knowledge and the consolidation of the local infrastructure to the cultural capital of each region,
the area of ​​strategic analysis of SMEs (sector operators) which are interconnected in different sectors of the creative industry,
activation of new integrated management frameworks of material and intangible cultural capital of each region.

Active cooperation will determine the best strategies for managing the infrastructure, cultural heritage and related events - happenings between partners and implementing bodies, which in future will claim the adaptation and adoption of the recommendations and implementation of the methodology will be developed within the project.

This will form the basis for the transfer of good practices for the development of cross-border system Cultural and Creative Industry in the intervention areas.

This operating model provides for the use of target - groups and parties involved in the Cultural and Creative Industries by ensuring:

    The bottom-up participatory approach, which defines a sustainable tourism strategy which includes all the needs and difficulties of the current economic, social and political context.
Integrated approach: Implementation Actions involving all the different sectors of the local economy through the close cooperation and coordination of public and private sector (municipalities, associations, representatives of tourism development organizations, etc.).
Layered approach: expansion and proseegisi different branches or levels of the Cultural and Creative Industry (architectural, environmental, crafts, Artist and cultural) providing holistic tourism strategy.
Using environmental and cultural characteristics of each region in order to increase viewers politstikon events.
Extension of tourist season throughout the year.

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