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Brief description of the project, I.C.E.

The project "Innovation, I.C.E. Culture and Creativity for a new Economy," has joined to the European territorial cooperation Programme Greece-Italy 2007-2013 and has as partners the Region of Apulia (lead partner), the Apulian Public Theatre Consortium, the Apulia Film Commission Foundation, di. Corfu, Epirus, the region of Western Greece, the Ionian Islands, the TEI of Epirus-Research Committee and the Regional Association of municipalities of Western Greece.
The main objective of the project I. C. E is the recording and promotion of the cultural, creative, environmental, sports and each type of features and activities of the intervention areas in Greece and Italy, for their potential under revitalization of local economies, contributing to the creation of new business and new jobs and attract tourists by increasing the attractiveness of regions and cities.
Among the actions of ICE include:

  • Services of information and Publicity (WP2)
  • Analysis of cultural and creative industries (WP3)
  • Strengthening the system of cultural and creative industries (WP4)
  • Evaluation and refinement of the system of cultural and creative industries (WP5)
  • Value/Appraisal System's cultural and creative industries (WP6)
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