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Q. 1: What is the Creative Industries?

As Creative Industry we mean all businesses that evade traditional standards and principally engaged in the dissemination of tradable intellectual property. They cover a wide range of activities. Such activities include advertising, arts, literature, cinema, music, software and anything else related to spirituality and imagination of man in general. There must be received that this is a very dynamic and growing component of the economy. It is new media development strategy. As a subset of the Creative Industry can take the cultural industry, forming the term Cultural and Creative Industries.

Q. 2: What are the main characteristics?

The main features of Creative / Cultural Industry, related to the goods and services they produce and can offer to the needs of modern man. These symbols and are protected by laws relating to intellectual property. [Eg a painting, a scenario and others]. As we are in the era of technological development with the internet dominating everywhere, it should be noted that the Creative \ Cultural industry changed their modes of production and distribution of symbolic goods and completely reshaped the demand for these goods.

Q. 3: Is there a European Programme for the Creative Industries?

Yes. The European Commission for the new programming period 2014-20202 presents the program "Creative Europe" in support of culture and the audiovisual sector.

The Program is a continuation of the programs Culture and Media. This new program has a budget of 1.46 billion €.

Q. 4: Why should we deal with the Creative and Cultural Industries;

Dealing with the Creative and Cultural Industries, has many benefits if the data economic and financial characteristics of Europe and Greece have now changed. There will be a reduction in unemployment, will lead to new jobs. Additionally there will be accessibility of lower social strata in artistic events. It will further develop the market with consumption of symbolic goods. Greece The economic crisis has only benefit.

Q. 5: Greece may be considered marketable culture?

In Greece there was always a great need visibility of cultural goods, which are inextricably linked with tourism, Heavy Industry of the country. Culture can thus be tradable boosting in Creative and Cultural Industries.

Q. 6: Which contributes the Creative and Cultural Industries;

In Greece the economic crisis the creative and cultural industry can contribute greatly. Initially, it will focus on inclusive growth in the various walks of life, as there will be promoting intercultural dialogue in full respect of cultural specificity. Creative industries already play a central role in the development prospects and competitiveness. In addition, foster social cohesion and growth with innovative solutions and enable full participation in social, cultural and economic life of the country and the whole of Europe.

Q. 7: What characteristics lead to development by Creative and Cultural Industries;

The existence of academic and research institutions is a key factor, since all the innovative ideas and research conducted in these spiritual centers. Still, it is necessary for growth through the Creative and Cultural Industry knowledge in digital technologies and creations. Given is the cooperation actors, public and private. Finally, for spaces with special cultural interest, assist significantly also the Greece, from end to end, has areas with unique cultural interest.

Q. 8: ranging development Creative and Cultural Industry in Greece?

With measurements of the last five years, it is estimated that in Greece only 0.5 percent of the working population engaged intensively with the Creative and Cultural Industries. Of course this figure is too small to other European countries. In Germany for example, have annual revenues of 126 billion euros from the Creative and Cultural Industries.
So, Greece, maybe in this area help greatly.

Q. 9: ranging development Creative and Cultural Industry in Greece?

There are some drivers who assist in dealing with the new Creative and Cultural Industries. These are forces in the growth of the economy, culture and creativity. It's the technology, the acquisition of experience and tourism, namely the heavy industry of the country.

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